Can I leave my hammock outdoors?

Absolutely, the material will hold its color and shape much longer than cotton hammocks. However to prolong the life of your hammock, take it down when you're not using it.

Will my hammock fit on a stand?

These hammocks will typically fit on most stands.  However, if you can hang them between trees, support beams or other sound structures,  giving the hammock a banana shape, you will have more fabric allowing you to be able to stretch out 45 degrees.  This laying position puts your back flat and is much better for your blood circulation, also it keeps the hammock more open and airy.

What is the warranty?

These hammocks are all hand woven by skilled artisans.  We personally inspect each hammock before being shipped from our stores on Maui.  If we overlooked a possible manufacture defect, we will replace or refund the purchaser 100% of the sales price after being notified within 10 days after the purchase.  We are all about happy hammockers,  in any situation you can email us and we will do whatever we can to turn a frown upside down.


How long will it take to receive my hammock?

After purchasing your hammock, we will ship your hammock within a few days and send an email conformation number which allows your to track your package immediately.


What's included in the purchase price of the hammock?

Included in purchase is of course, the beautiful hand-crafted hammock,  we also include a lightweight travel bag (made from parachute silk) to take your hammock with you on life's adventure.  Hammock tree straps and hanging carabiners are sold separately.